Google Search Console now offers support for image license structured data. In the Search Console enhancement report there will be a new section called ‘Image Licenses’. This will only show if you’re using this markup type on your site. In this tab you will be able to see any errors with your mark-up and how many images are successfully marked up.

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    This type of image mark-up has also been added to the Google rich results test. It is one of 17 markup options supported by this tool to indicate if your page supports rich results. Rich results are Google experiences beyond the standard blue link in Search. They can include carousels, images and other non-text elements. If your page contains the markups in the rich result test, you’re more likely to take up more space in Search results. 

    Image licensing in Google Images is currently in BETA and the integration into Google Search Console for debugging indicates that this feature is being refined for best performance. Even though it’s not in full working order yet, you should still be adding this markup to your site. This means your images will be eligible when the feature becomes available. You will also be able to review any errors in Search Console so all images are eligible from the start. 

    This tool will benefit your business because it will show that your image is licensable in Google Image Search. By clicking the ‘licensable’ tag on your image users will be able to see the license information within the image viewer.

    See the full announcement on the Google Developer Blog and test your site with the Rich Results Test.

    Image License Structure Data