A new project has launched out of Google Area 120. Shoploop is designed for users to discover, evaluate, and shop products all in one place. 

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    This project stemmed from a commute made by the general manager of Area 120. A young commuter on the same journey was on her phone switching between social media, YouTube, and an online shop. She had seen someone promote a product, wanted to see reviews on YouTube and then looked it up on an e-commerce site to buy.

    This is the issue Shoploop has been made to fix. Instead of using 3 apps, Google wants you to use one. It is a feed of vertical videos that are no longer than 90 seconds to help you discover new products in an entertaining way. Video content will vary by creator, but it can be anything from a vlog, a step-by-step tutorial or even commercial style with product close-ups.

    Content creators on the platform show you how to use products as well as practical tips. On one platform you will learn about the product, see it in use and be able to click a direct link to complete your purchase or save the product for later. You can also follow your favourite creators and share them with your friends.

    Overall, this may seem like an original idea, but it is not totally new. Amazon have launched something similar in the US called Amazon Live. Their videos are much longer but it’s basically an ecommerce version of YouTube to keep users on Amazon. Some people think influencers are going to lose their impact, but with innovations like Shoploop and the engagement of younger audiences they may be around for much longer.

    Read more in our latest blog post on Shoploop and access this new app here.