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    Google Has Released its Site Kit WordPress Plugin, Formerly In Beta

    The Site Kit plugin allows WP users to access data from Google products from their site. These products include Google Analytics, Adsense, page speed insights and search console.

    After 6 months it is out of beta and has changed and adapted for the ease of users.

    This plugin makes it easier to access a range of Google data in one aggregated area.

    I know it is not partiucualry sexy but we are all about processes at Blue Thirst and using Site kit with our wordpress sites allows for Google products to be intergrated into the WordPress interface. This can then be controlled with one login and one set of password protocalls.

    The really nice feature i like is that page level stats. If you are editing a page you can by clicking on the site kit link in the admin bar get all the Google analytics data about just that page, which would be great for content teams to see.