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    I’ve got to be honest I’am not a huge Twitter fan. Initially I followed too many people so my feed never had much value to it. 

    I’ve been trying hard since the lockdown to get on top of it. I have been cleaning and trying to have conversations rather than just broadcasting.  I schedule everything though Hootsuite, it is a simple tool and it works across most channels. Well, apart from Google local business updates, … grrrr if anyone from Hootsuite is listening dont give me excuses – other platforms can do it so it is possible!

    This seems to have been very exciting for people who work constantly with Twitter. In my opinion, the Twitter interface is terrible and this option should should have been available since launch or shortly afterwards.

    Sorry there has been a bit of negative energy in this update. It’s not so sunny today here so that is what I am putting it down to.  Tomorrow is Friday and we are talking Google Discover ads vs Facebook Ads.