There is a new tool from Facebook that quickly and easily makes sure that everything on your profile is safe for work.

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    I’m lucky I did most of my stupid things before camera phone and social media.  I am honestly very appreciative of this fact as we all did stupid stuff when we were younger and having that as a permanent digital record is not really fair.

    Facebook has launched a new tool that allows you all in one place to review all of your activity on Facebook.  It is a good idea as the tool allows you to archive stuff so you can still see those old hair cuts or worse but the rest of the world can’t.  You can of course delete stuff and this becomes permanently deleted after 30 days.

    It is really quick to do and seriously 20 minutes of tidying could do your profile quite a lot good.

    1. If you are on the Facebook app, click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right of screen
    2. Scroll right ot the button section “setting & privacy”
    3. Click settings
    4. Scroll down to Your Facebook information
    5. Click Access your information
    6. You then have the chose to review posts, photos & videos, comments, likes and reactions and a whole load more

    Worth a tidy up!

    Facebook press release: