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    Another week and TikTok is at the center of media attention. The new world of political TikTok content was appearing. Look up Madisyn Bukoski.  With only months to go to the American election this is only going to increase.

    On a completely different note TikTok has launched its self serve platform out of beta.  There are more users on TikTok now than Snapchat and Twitter and just shy of Instagram volumes. 

    It has not been rolled out into the UK market yet. It will be interesting to see if they retain the relatively high entry media cost, or are they going to be lower in the self serve system. 

    TikTok offers the following 3 types of ads.

    1. Display ads – probably the most popular as they are very similar to what exists on other channels.

    2. Sponsored challenges – You set users on TikTok a challenge.

    3. Brand profiles – If you want to grow an audience on the channel  in the same way as an Instagram of Facebook Instagram business page.

    New Find: Zigazoo.

    TikTok for littluns and it is really cute there are over 100,000 videos already. Many teachers have got on board to create kiddy lessons on biology and solar systems.