Instagram is trying to take over from TikTok. Instagram Reels were announced and launched last week.

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    Reels invites you to create fun videos for your Instagram account. You can record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with new audio, effects and creative tools. You can share these on your feed and with a public account you can share them directly to the explore page. 

    On the explore page your reel can become ‘Featured’, you will get a notification if it is. Featured reels are a selection of reels chosen by Instagram to help users discover original content. 

    When creating your reel you can use audio from the Instagram music library or use your own original audio. There are AR effects and hands-free recording options. Instagram have added an align feature to help make transition seamless and you can edit the speed of your video or audio. 

    TikTok has a fairly dedicated platform of content creators so they may not be willing to make the move. However if TikTok does end up banned in America then reels will surely rise in popularity.