Instagram have added yet another means of monetisation for creators. This time in the form of fan badges.

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    These badges have initially been rolled out to a group of 50,000 creators for use in Instagram Live streams. Creators will be able to offer these badges for fans to purchase, allowing them to stand out in the comments and show their support for the creator. 

    A similar version of this has long been available on Twitch and YouTube. On Instagram users will be able to pay 99 cents, $1.99 or $4.99. Presumably the different prices will offer users different features. 

    Instagram have said that fan badges will also give users access to special features such as a place on creator’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart badge. During the first roll out of badges, Instagram have stated they will temporarily match earnings from badge purchases. They will then look at a potential revenue share format in the future. 

    Instagram have also expanded their IGTV ads to more creators, however this isn’t available to all advertisers yet.