We have been talking about Byte for a while but it has not done as well as TikTok which has absolutely stormed the downloads.

Byte is very similar to TikTok, users can upload 6 second videos but the big difference is that users can monetize their channels something that is currently not available on TikTok.

So why has Byte suddenly popped back up into the news after the complete domination of TikTok in this space?

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    Apptrace – Byte App Play  Store Download Data

    global rank positions

    Apptrace – Byte App Apple Store Download Data

    global rank positions for download data

    TikTok is struggling with its PR at the moment, it has been banned in India, Trump has threatened to ban the app in the US and numerous companies have warned employees not to install the app.

    This is going to be an interesting one to watch especially now as TikTok’s advertising platform is now rolled out and in full swing.