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    Martin: Hi everybody and welcome to this weeks digital marketing news round up. This week the stories come from Microsoft, Apple, Google Maps, Google Ads and the Google App. Gosh that’s a lot of Google.

    Martin: Bulk manage product groups in Microsoft Shopping. Microsoft Shopping is getting an update and soon you’ll be able to filter, sort and bulk manage your product groups as well as using scripts to manage your campaigns. These new tools will give you much more flexibility when managing your Shopping campaigns. These features are due to roll out to all advertisers in the coming weeks.

    Emily: Rebuilt Apple Maps in US. Apple has rebuilt their maps app, which is currently available in the US and soon to be coming to Europe. The new features and updates include: 360-degree photographed street view, shareable place lists, favourite locations and more. After years of competing against the map app leader Google Maps, this reconfiguration of the app is likely an effort to try and become the most used map app on iPhone. With this app makeover we may expect advertisements on apple maps in the pipeline, an Apple version of Google’s local search ads on Google Maps.

    Katy: Google Maps Updated with New Icon & New Features. This month Google Maps celebrates its 15th birthday, complete with a redesign of the branding and new features. Google Maps now has a new icon, which is a simple pin with the Google colours. Alongside this, new features have been released including quick access to reviews in the Explore tab, setting up your daily commute for real-traffic updates and a feed of trending, must-see spots from local experts. These new updates aren’t necessarily going to be life changing for Google Maps users, but may make using it easier and the new logo is a fresh redesign.

    Lucy: Shopping Ads Will Soon be Coming to Gmail. From the 4th of March, Gmail will be a placement available for shopping ads. This includes Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads. To ensure your shopping campaigns will appear on Gmail from the 4th, click the option for ‘YouTube, Gmail and Discover’ in the ‘Networks’ section of your shopping campaign settings. The visual nature of shopping ads may be more appealing to Gmail users as product specific and product grouped ads could result in more interaction than more generic banner ads. However, it remains important to ensure your ads are targeted to appropriate audiences, as bad targeting could result in a lot of spend and little return.

    Emily: Use Siri to Search with Google on iPhone. The Google app has a new update for iOS which allows communication with Siri on iPhones via the Shortcuts app. This app is pre-installed on new iPhones, or can be downloaded from the App store. By saying “Hey Siri, Search Google for”, the Google app will conduct the search. To set up the shortcut, go to the shortcuts app and click create shortcut, type Google and select the Google search app. You can then type in the voice command you want for getting Siri to conduct a Google search and click done once finished. By adding this feature to the Google app it has allowed Google to reach an audience who search in different ways, meaning their content and the ads they display will reach more iOS users.