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    Martin: Hi everybody, welcome to this weeks digital markeintg news. This week includes features from Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Ads, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook Creator Studio.

    Katy: Bing Webmaster Tools New Design & Features. The redesign is compatible with mobile and desktop. The new features include: backlinks report, search performance report and an updated version of the sitemaps portal. This has been released to a few users already and will be available to all in a couple of weeks time. As new features are moved from the current version to the new version they will be removed from the current version, therefore it is important to get your head around how these new features quickly in order to stay ahead.

    Lucy: Google Ads Makes it Easy to Share Audience Lists Across Accounts. A new Google Ads feature has been released that allows manager accounts to share audience lists. Previously, this job was fiddly and required multiple steps. Now advertisers only need to tick a box to opt in to continuous audience sharing. This means that any remarketing lists created in a manager account will automatically be shared with all other accounts. This new feature will definitely make the sharing of audiences much easier, but you might want to watch you’re not sharing your lists with accounts you definitely don’t want to.

    Martin: YouTube are Testing New Ways for Creators to Make Money. This new feature is set to allow creators to earn money directly from viewers. Viewers will be able to purchase ‘applause’ on the videos they enjoy. This is similar to SuperChats on live YouTube videos. Viewers won’t get anything for their purchase, it’s simply meant to be used to support creators. This new feature is similar to the monetisation of Twitch.

    Emily: New Ad Format on Snapchat: Swipe Up to Call. This new ad format on Snapchat instructs users to call or text a business from the ad. In order to create these ads, click create campaign in Snaphcat’s Ad Manager, click the advertising goal ‘Calls & Texts’, select either ‘Call My Business’ or ‘Text My Business’ and provide a phone number and then go on to design and finish your ad. These ads will supply advertisers with a new form of lead generation on Snapchat, which will be really useful for businesses in sectors such as hospitality, or subscription based companies.

    Emily: Facebook is Launching Creator Studio App for iOS and Android. This app should assist the desktop app. Although the app does not have all the features of the desktop Creator Studio, it does have useful features including insights, editing, messaging, multi-account support, and notifications. The app is available to download from the Android and iOS app stores. This app should be useful for creators and publishers to access and manage their content on the go.

    Martin: Thanks for watching everyone, if you want to stay updated with the latest digital marketing news then follow us on our social channels, go to our website, or subscribe to our email. Have a good day.