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    Martin: Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of digital marketing news. This episode includes new features and updates from Google Ads, YouTube, YouTube Analytics and Twitter.

    Martin: New Features for Google Ads Mobile App. The new updates include the account overview screen showing account and campaign optimisation scores, along with their recommendations, notifications for changes in optimisation scores and dark mode. These are available in the latest version of the app in app stores. These changes are minor but can help advertisers make potentially significant changes on the go, meaning they don’t have to rely entirely on being near a laptop or desktop.

    Katy: YouTube Updates Mid-Roll Ads Editor and Notification Analytics. YouTube has rolled out two new features, made specifically with creators in mind. The first is Notification Analytics where creators can see how many of their subscribers are being sent Bell notifications, as well as the CTR and views from the notification. Previously, creators could never be sure if their subscribers got push notifications. The second feature is Mid-Roll Ads Editor which allows creators to manually select where a Mid-Roll ad should show during their video. These features were trialled a few months ago, but went unknown to most creators. These new features are giving creators more control over their channel and advertisements placed on their channel.

    Katy: YouTube Analytics now lets Creators Compare Metrics Side-by-Side. Another new feature has been released for YouTube creators, allowing them to directly compare metrics for their channel at a side-by-side view. This feature is available under the ‘deep dive’ section, where you can see changes of multiple metrics over time. Previously creators could only do this one metric at a time, so this will make their analysis far easier. It’s clear YouTube is making efforts to support their creators with lots of new features this month.

    Emily: Twitter to Get Story Feature. The new feature is called Fleets and are composed much like you would a regular Tweet however these only last for 24 hours. Additionally, you won’t be able to retweet or like Fleets, reply to them publicly and they can only be reacted to on DMs. A test of Fleets has already begun in Brazil. Most Twitter users are not too happy about the introduction of a story feature but it may be beneficial to digital marketers. Brands could show more personal sides of themselves through Fleets, e.g. what is happening in the office that day or an exciting new product a company is working on.

    Emily: New Reports on Google Ads. The new reports are called ‘attribution’ reports and they deliver information about the journeys users make that end up converting. The attribution reports that are available are: overview, top paths, path metrics, assisted conversions and model comparison. To view the new reports, go to ‘tools and settings’ in your Google Ads account, under the measurement tab click ‘attribution’. Understanding customer journeys and how your ads are leading to conversions are crucial aspects in marketing strategies.

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