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    Martin: Hello everyone, with everything that is going in the world right now we are trying to give you the most relevant digital marketing news for your business. This weeks stories come from Google, Google Ads and Facebook.

    Martin: Some Google Ads Support Options are Unavailable. Due to the Coronavirus, some Google Ads support options are no longer available or may be delayed. They can still be contacted via their ‘Contact Us’ form and they will be updating this message on their Google Ads Support Announcements page. Google has also revealed that the approval process of non-text ads could take longer than usual. So if you are posting banners or video ads, expect these to take slightly longer to get approved.

    Martin: Possible Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update this Week. There is the possibility of a search ranking algorithm update coming from Google this week. Although unconfirmed, there is lots of chat from website owners seeing reductions in traffic. Most have seen fluctuations in keyword positions and the volume of traffic to their site. We are unlikely to find out if this update has happened until Google formally announces it. You could say it’s not the best time to release an update that throws websites off for a couple of days. So be sure to keep an eye on your organic rankings and web analytics.

    Martin: Facebook have created a $100 million grant program to assist small businesses dealing with Coronavirus. Facebook has announced a $100 million grant program to help 30,000 small businesses, in 30 nations. Many businesses are being affected by the outbreak and small businesses are the heart of the community. The longer the crisis goes on, the more at risk smb’s are for going under.

    Martin: Google ads have released a new setup of restricted products. Starting on May 26 products and services that can be obtained directly from the government of delegated provider will not longer be able to run Google ads. Some of the sectors that this announcement will affect are passport services, visa, driving licences and will also include companies offering support in applying for official documentation.

    Martin: Google has temporarily disabled local reviews. The local review functionality has currently been disabled for consumers and businesses. Google have stated that they are trying to keep their staff out of the office where possible, therefore some functionalities of Google My Business will be unavailable during this time.

    Martin: Thanks for watching everyone. We hope you’re all coping okay with working from home, if you need any inspiration or help with what you can do for your business during this time then give us a message or sign up for our email newsletter, which includes all the latest news stories plus some handy guides on how you can be using your time. Thank you, stay safe.