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    Facebook can be an absolute powerhouse for your business.  The platform never ceases to amaze me and the ads platform when setup correctly can literally change companies profits over night.  

    As we have reported Facebook is no longer just Facebook it is Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, now Libre and NOVI.  I can’t think of a business sector that is not touched by these sets of channels.  Although the scale of this tec is quite intimidating it is now however easier than ever to get up to speed.   Facebook has released a whole new set of free training courses into its Blue Print program, everything from an introduction to the channels Introduction to the Facebook family of apps and services to get started to more complex courses in managing ad campaigns.  It is all free to do.

    If you want to become qualified their are 9 different qualifications that you can achieve these do however has a small cost, and quite a scary online testing platform.