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    Linkedin is offering free premium tools to companies recruiting staff for front line services

    Hiring has changed dramatically in response to the coronavirus pandemic — and more than ever Linkedin wants to support the well-being of our global communities. We’ve seen healthcare job posts on LinkedIn increase by 35% since the outbreak began. Similarly, supply chains, supermarkets, and freight delivery services are working around the clock to provide resources.

    To help, LinkedIn is offering free job posts for critical organizations who need to quickly find skilled workers to fill critical roles. It’s the least we can do to support those of you who are working tirelessly for all of us.

    Between April 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020:Eligible organisations can post free jobs on LinkedIn.

    All jobs posted in these categories will receive extra promotion to highly relevant candidates in your area through a special “Urgently Hiring” job category.

    Job posters can add a screening question to filter for applicants who are immediately available to start.

    Here are the essential organizations with access to free jobs:

    • Healthcare, including hospitals, clinics, medical devices, medical practice, and mental health
    • Supermarkets
    • Warehousing
    • Freight delivery services

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