LinkedIn have made changes to their business pages to help businesses promote events and learn more about their followers. These changes include new My Company and Events tabs. As well as the ability to view your page followers.

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    When viewing your page followers you can see the exact people who follow you and sort the list by company, industry or location. The new table also offers an insight into how and when they found your page. 

    The new events tab is intended to help businesses promote their virtual events. The pandemic has boosted virtual events and LinkedIn wants to help these become more discoverable. It can show your past and upcoming events, users can also see if they’re set to attend an event. They can then share the event from this tab too. 

    Finally the My Company tab is intended to improve company communications. The tab is exclusively designed for employees and can feature employee milestones, promotions, new hires and more. LinkedIn have also indicated that they will be adding tools for live broadcasting and curating content. 

    These new tools have been created to allow businesses to function amid the changes caused by the pandemic.