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    LinkedIn temporarily removes itself from Google’s index – Even the big boys make SEO mistakes.  LinkedIn “temporarily” removes itself from Google.  We have all done it so, please use this as an amnesty to comment what has been your biggest unscheduled update aka mistake?

    We have all been there, pressed the wrong button, deployed the wrong bit of code or just had a brain fart.  Most of the time these can be caught either by process or checks before any real damage can be done. 

    It seems someone at Linked in might have had one of  these moments last week.  Not really publicised that much but it looks like someone at LinkedIn had one of these moments.  For a brief period LinkedIn removed itself from Google.  Search engine land reports what might have happened is that someone tried to remove the http version of the site using the removal tool in Google search console.  This unfortunately removes all versions http, https, www. Non www.  .  This is such an easy thing to do, robots.txt, canonical tags, meta no index and search console make huge errors unfathomably easy. 

     What is the biggest mistake you or someone you know has been guilty of?