Microsoft announced at the end of last month a new platform called the Digital Marketing Center.  This has been created by the Microsoft garage team, who have created products like device simulator which allows you to simulate programming circuit boards.

So, it is kind of a social media management tool that you can all run ads through.  The idea is that this is one central platform where everything is housed and controlled.

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    The system boasts AI powered campaign management.

    1.  It can run ads without keywords or audiences simply plug in your targets and microsoft’s AI will deliver the results.
    2. The tool can also create ads from scratch with text, images and video.
    3. The tools has some budget optimisation features.

    It will be an interesting tool and I do like the idea of having a central location where all ads can be viewed and monitored.  It will be interesting to see the suggestions and the data that comes out of the ad maker.

    I have signed up for the beta trial and will get you some more information when I have had a chance to play.