New tool from Bing Webmaster tools allows you to compare your link profile to your competitors.

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    Inbound links are important to SEO and comparing the links that your domain vs you competitors have can be a really good way of improving your organic visibility by viewing what has worked for them.

    There are some really great tools out there like AHref for doing this, but for $180 per month it is only really a tool that people who are really into their links and link profiles would invest in.

    OK, quick recap on why links are important.  Simply put, every page that links to another page is a vote of confidence that a user reading their content would be interested in the content on the linked page.  Pages can be ranked in how trustworthy they are for example.  A  link from a really trusted domain carries more weight than a link from a poorly trusted domain.  

    There are a lot to links which I am not going to get into on this video, but understanding your internal link profile is a good way to understand how the bigger web has reacted to your site.  Lots of links from good sites are good.  To be super clear I am not condoning link building / buying exchanges all I am saying is inbound links are one of the many factors affecting your sites organic keyword rankings.

    There is however a really great little tool now available in Bing Webmaster tools that will show you inbound link information.  Ok this data is available in Google Webmaster tools but Bing has gone one stage further you can compare your link profile to that of your competitors.

    Some really interesting ideas for content or where to list your website can be found by running this really simple tool.

    How to use the Bing webmaster tools Backlinks tool:

    1 . Login to your Bing webmaster tools 

    2 . You may need to verify your site just follow the instructions on screen

    3.  Once you are verified on the left hand nav the tool is under reports and data and then inbound links

    4.  At the very top you should see your domain and the ability to add competitors domains to test

    5. Enjoy the data

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