Tripadvisor primarily serves hotels and restaurants. With the pandemic, these business types have been hit significantly. So Tripadvisor has been trying to help these groups with new products and services.

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    Firstly they have added menu listing and syndication. Restaurants can confirm their listings and upload their menu details. Tripadvisor then distributes this information to over 100 sites. This feature has an analytics dashboard to show menu views and new vs. returning customers. 

    The second new feature is designed to predict room demand. They are using a pricing intelligence tool that compares hotel room rates to competitors. This is then combined with a market spotlight tool which predicts demand for rooms in your area. This can help businesses to adjust their pricing dynamically.

    Lastly, they have added a review aggregation tool which tracks reviews across Tripadvisor, Google and Facebook. This notifies businesses of new reviews and enables them to respond from their dashboard. They can also see whether or not reviews are positive or negative with sentiment analysis. 

    These new features should help businesses adapt to the changing situation of the pandemic.