Screaming From has released its new update V13 and it has some great new features

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    I have got to admit  I have always loved Screaming Frog.  If you have not come across it, it is a really simple to use web crawler.  Want to check if all your pages have your Google analytics code on for example copy your UA number into its search and get it to check every page and list those that do and don’t have it on.

    Screaming Frog is one of those tools that is always really useful to have here are the top things I use it for:

    1.  Do my images all have alt tags
    2. Do I have any huge images on my site
    3. Do all my pages have title tags & meta descriptions
    4. Why have my Google analytics broken
    5. Why has Mag manager broken
    6. Create a list of 301 redirects for a domain change
    7. Testing all pages are in a site map
    8. Have I got any internal broken links
    9. Are my canonical tags correct
    10. Are my relative language tags correct.

    This is just scraping the surface of what this tool can do.  If you are in charge of a site’s SEO or even just have to make sure it is working correctly you can’t go far wrong with this tool.

    There is however a new update with some even better features in Version 13.0.

    I am going to update mine this weekend but the features are:

    1. Near Duplicate content. Want to know if your content is relative there is a tab for that!  The near duplication rate is a % of matched content.  They remove headers and footers and allow you to set a threshold for the warning say 90%
    1. There is some cool link position reporting which is a bit too SEO geeky to get into on this video but is a really nice feature, but the link path type analytics looks amazing, identify all those absolute links that will break when you change domains!
    2. The tool will also help identify if there are any HTTPS urls mixed into your content that need to be updated
    3. My favourite is a Site Wide Spelling & Grammar Checker. I have to be honest this is the thing I am going to run first.  My typing can’t always keep up with my brain and I have been known to make the odd spelling mistake.   Here is a  theorem I can now run site wide – spelling and grammar checks amazing!

    If you look after a website download the free version of this tool.  I promise you will not be wasting your time. It really is great.  I promise I am not being paid to say this.