We are always looking for new way for our clients to get their products discovered. The new set of shoppable pins coming to Pinterest could be a very interesting option.

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    I have to admit I don’t use Pinterest that often.  I did use it for wedding planning and ideas for my classic VW bus interior, but it is not something I use every day. There is however a new interesting feature.  You can take a photo of something that you like the look of and get a set of results that look like the thing you took the photo of that you can buy.  I could see this being very useful for say wedding planning.

    A new tab is coming to Pinterest.  The shopping tab in search results will now have shoppable pins.  This will exist in the lens tool in the platform.  The lens in Pinterest allows users to take a photo of an item to search.

    If you sell products now might be the time to make sure that you products are uploading onto the the channel so if someone is looking for your product which looks like something that they are interested in buying they will find you.

    They might just Google it though.