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    Sky AdSmart is giving £1m to 100 small businesses to use on it’s Adsmart System

    Sky has an advertiser system called AdSmart.  The AdSmart system essentially allows ads to be specific to households.  Traditional TV you book a time slot and everyone on that transmission receives the advert.  The ad smart system from Sky allows you to be more laser target you can choose geographical targeting such as metropolitan areas, define radius or postcodes.  It also allows you to target users within the specified geographic area, some of the examples Skysmart gives are, home owners, home movers, pet owners, expectant families, car owners and many more.

    The issue for small businesses is that the min advertisers cost was ok, but the price to create an advert that is of suitable quality to be shown on air was way out of reach for most SMBs.  The Sky AdSmart team has partnered with production companies that can help.  And currently they are running a giveaway of £1M to help 100 small businesses to use the system.  The link to apply is on the blue thirst site below