Image Extensions & Countdowns In Responsive Search Ads (RSA) coming soon to a text ad near you.

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    Image Extensions

    When creating image extensions there are new ways to run them: dynamic mode, manual mode. Dynamic mode – Google crawl your site and pull images into your ADS in manual mode you’ll have to upload images which should be square and a size of 1200 pixels. This program is still in beta so if you do have an account manager you will need to apply through them.  Hugo Boss has seen a 2.5 x increase in ROI and a 5% increase in CTR.

    Countdowns In Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

    Countdown and ad customisers have existed for quite a long time for standard ads but have now been released for responsive search ads.  This is where you can count down till last orders before christmas for example and time that information updates dynamically.  I have to admit we’ve been using the standard ads as we haven’t had much improvement with responsive search ads but discontinued investment in their development shows that Google is going to keep them around.