TikTok is working had to get into Europe. Today they announced the platform has invested an alleged £11.3M into the #LearnOnTiktok platform. Initially the plan is to promote content from educational establishments.

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    We have reported a lot over the last couple of months of Tiktok’s explosion in the European market.  Well, the growth is not slowing.

    The platform has invested an alleged £11.3M into the  #LearnOnTiktok  platform.  Initially the plan is to promote content from educational establishments.  The initial sets of content will come from the University of Cambridge and English Heritage this will complement the large amount of featured content currently being created by actors, singers and celebrities for the platform.

    We are going to see:

    • Health and Wellnesss advice from Dr Rangan Chatterjee 
    • Countdown staff Rachel Riley will be sharing Maths tips
    • And Sean Sager will help drame students get ready for auditions

    Rich Waterworth TikToks EU manager said “Since launching in the UK in 2018, Tiktok has quickly become a place people turn to when they want snack-sized entertainment. Now we want to build on this strong foundation, bringing together entertainment and learning, offering our community a truly rich and diverse ecosystem of content.”

    Social media usage during lockdown has exploded and since the closure of schools are likely to be an issue for at least the short term future we are seeing many apps looking to integrate education information into their platforms.

    Original Release: https://www.tiktok.com/tag/learnontiktok?