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    It seems only yesterday we started talking about Tiktok back in 2018.  The Shanghai company Bytedance, who owns Tiktok, have been pushing hard into the UK market. At the beginning of this month launched their new TV ad featuring Tom Daley, Gordon Ramsey, Little Mix and Tinie Temepah.  

    As well as featuring in the TV ads these creators and celebrities create content showing their day to day lives in lock down on the platform as well as creating live events.  This video sharing app is forecast by eMarketer to grow its user base to 8.1 million in 2020. That is around a quarter of UK user on Facebook to give the numbers some scale.

    Now might be the time of looking into following in Mercedes-Benz, Too Faced & Guess. There are numerous ways to advertise on the platform – a hashtag challenge will cost around $156k for a 6 day campaign, a branded filter campaigns cost from $50k. As well as these TikTok specific campaigns types there is also the standard infeed video and takeover ads that are a bit more traditional with budget from $12k.

    This looks like a blossoming channel that with strong levels of engagement and advert click through rates it is a channel that is worth considering.