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    The effects of Tik Tok during the last couple of months has been profound over 1B worldwide downloads from the play-store.

    Interestingly it also has had a huge effect on the billboard charts at the moment.  This week all of the top 10 songs in the chart have a strong foothold on TikTok, either as part of a meme or a dance challenge.  So the question is is TikTok being shaped by the billboard chart or are the charts being affected by TikTok .

    The artist at number 1 when writing this on the Billboard charts is Drake with his song Toosie Slide.  Drake is a good example of an artist that has been putting a huge amount of effort into TikTok during the lock-down.

    Tiktok seems to be the new way for music to be distributed and engaged with , lets hope the Crazy frog and Mr Blobby don’t find out.  I don’t think anyone can handle this at the moment.