I know it is only the end of June and with everything that has happened in the last couple of months Christmas is the last thinking on everyone’s minds.  It is however on its way and last week Google released its annual 2020 Holiday Playbook.

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    We will link to the document at the bottom of this post, some of the stats within the document are genuinely interesting.

    “Next Day Delivery” search terms in 2019 during the Christmas period were up 18%.  Customers are wanting a faster delivery for the Christmas gifts.

    79% if shoppers had used a Google platform as part of their holiday purchases

    48% of UK shoppers were open to buying from new retailers during the festive season.

    This was something that we noticed the seasonal peak has moved even closer to Christmas day.  Last Christmas was as strange one as we did not get hit by any adverse weather and I think there was a large expectation of retailers going into sale. In 2018 the peak query day was Dec 16th and in 2019 it was 22nd  Dec.  I think this year it is going to be in the middle of these dates unless we get hit by another beast for the east.

    Google doesn’t give all the details but it does make some predictions for CPC during the period which are worth a read and if they are as accurate a the keywords planner take them with a pinch of salt.