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    Twitter has made an update to its privacy settings. An option in Twitter’s privacy settings called “Share your data with Twitter’s business partners” used to let you disable sharing of information regarding the ads on the channel that you have watched or engaged with. . That setting still exists, but Twitter now says it has removed your control over “mobile app advertising measurements.”  You can still have this setting enabled and stop sharing information, such as your interests. Other Twitter privacy settings, like disabling web tracking, are still available. 

    This is all due to last year twitter missing it  third-quarter earnings last year.  Its results were marred by issues it blames on a bug that affected ad targeting 

    The company is no longer targeting ads in certain ways because it was using some user data without permission.

    With less information about users, some of Twitter’s advertisers don’t want to pay as much for certain ads, or they might pause or shift spend away. This updated should simplify things by giving Twitter more control in the first place.