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    I almost completely missed this.  We reported last week that TikTok has been working hard to break into the UK market and now might be a really good time to look at investing in this channel.

    TikTok up until last week had a satisfaction rating of 86% its now 39%.  It had a global playstore rating of 4.5 which has now dropped to 2.9.  The following hashtags BanTikTok, DeleteTikTok, and BlockTikTok have also been trending on twitter.

    It seems that TikTok like all the other social content platforms is struggling with content moderation.  Many users have taken to Twitter and other channels to show videos that feature domestic violence, animal cruelty, racism, child abuse and objectification of women.

    Something that I have seen on the channel is that moderation is, in my opinion, sometimes lacking although I have not seen any really bad stuff on Tiktok and I am sure it does gets posted.

    I have seen some accounts that are obviously just putting up content designed to invoke reactions.  If TikTok is going to be taken seriously by advertisers and allowed to be used by parents this has got to be addressed. Remember the damage done to YouTube last year?  Such a huge issue but I am really not sure how it is going to be resolved.