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    Zoom the video conferencing app has come under fire over the last couple of weeks due to issues surrounding security.  We review what the problems are, how to fix them and should you still be using the software?

    There are a couple of issues around Zoom one of which is the increasing “Zoom-bombing” which is where bombers can guess your meeting is relatively easily then once in your meeting start to play graphic content or hateful messaging, not nice if you are on a sales call.

    The next is as any software becomes more wide used the value of finding exploits in their software becomes more valuable, this means that hackers are taking more notice of this software as the value of finding an exploit increases.

    So to counteract this Zoom brought former Facebook and Yahoo Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos to improve the softwares security on the 8th April 2020.

    In terms of stopping Zoomboming my key points to use Zoom as safely as possible

    1. Use the waiting room feature and manual grant access to users into the conservation room
    2. Don’t share your meeting room id on a public platform
    3. Set the default room to allow only yourself to share screen (can be changed later during meeting)
    4. Lock the room once all attendees are in

    So Zoom is probably safe for coffee shop type conversations but if i wanted a totally secure solution i might consider something else at least in the short term..