Yelp is providing more tools to help small businesses thrive during this tough time. No longer just a review site, they are trying to position themselves as a ‘one-stop local platform’.

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    They are doing this with new features such as request-a-quote, a new scheduling tool, nearby jobs and a modernised design. The request-a-quote experience was launched in 2016 but it’s now evolved into a more comprehensive service. This involves a tailored questionnaire to streamline the process and ensuring the customer and the business get exactly the service they want. This service is available across 60 business categories and will be expanded in the coming months to 100. 

    Yelp has also added a scheduling feature to make the booking process more efficient. Businesses can easily share their availability and customers can confirm the appointment and add it to their mobile calendar. The nearby jobs feature will allow businesses to pitch for relevant jobs in their area. This gives businesses more control over the request-a-quote experience. It will also benefit new businesses who need to build their reputation on the app.