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    Changes to YouTube in January May Impact Creator Revenue

    YouTube are rolling out new policy changes in January 2020 and creators are concerned their revenue will be affected. The changes are addressing concerns from the US Federal Trade Commision about YouTube’s compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

    YouTube will now stop serving personalised ads on content that is deemed to be “made for children”. YouTubers can indicate that their content is made for children, but machine-learning can also label this content. Unfortunately, once this content is labelled this way, there’s no appeal process to challenge this. The only suggested action is to seek legal counsel if content is labelled incorrectly.

    YouTube have been scrutinised by the US Federal Trade Commision for not adequately protecting children. This change is an effort to comply with this. However, creator revenue could take a hit and there’s no way to appeal the label if it’s incorrect.