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    YouTube creates new ‘edgy’ adult content ad category for brands

    This week, YouTube have announced that they are testing running ads on ‘edgy’ videos. This follows the ongoing issue of brands not having complete control of where their ads are showing, not to mention the demonetisation that channels are getting for having adult content in their videos.

    Previously, YouTube were just de-monetising channels with inappropriate content, such as swearing or sensitive topics so ads would not run on those videos. This new structure lets brands control if they want their ads on adult-only content on YouTube. This allows brands to match their ads with age appropriate content and reduce the number of demonitised creators.

    I think this is a step in the right direction for giving brands control over where they want their ads to show and definitely more fair to the creators, but I also get the impression that YouTube just doesn’t have enough control on the content uploaded and the pairing of ads with content.