Last autumn Google started testing lead form ad extensions for Search campaigns. But now this feature is being opened up for YouTube ads as well. Later this year they will also be available for Display campaigns.

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    In the initial testing you could only gather name, email, phone number and postal code. But now you can also ask for city, state, country and business contact information. You will also be able to choose pre-set questions to add by vertical. 

    A few things to be aware of are that lead forms aren’t available to advertisers in sensitive verticals. You need to segment your performance report by click and conversion type to see lead form clicks and conversion data. Engagement with your lead form won’t be connected to actions they take on your site and engagement with your form won’t show in Analytics as they don’t make it to your site. 

    This is definitely a new feature to trial in your accounts if leads are important to you. It’s perfect to help small businesses capture more leads through Google.