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    The days of Youtube being only really watched on either phone apps or on computer screens is changing. Globally YouTube has been this year have seen:

    • 800% increase in viewers of feature length movies
    • 125% increase in TV shows
    • 250% increase in live content

    YouTube Internal Data, US, published in March 2020 stated that over 100 million people watch YouTube and Youtube TV on their TV screens each month and also stated in April that 60% of signed in users watched YouTube content on the TV screens in the last 7 days.  

    This new product called YouTube Select which is actually a combination of two older products called YouTube Preferred and YouTube Prime Packs is designed to offer a brand safe way to target audiences where they are watching streamed TV, their from popular Youtube creators, or more importantly during feature length movies or during live sport events.  Could this move live events like Formula 1 that have tried live streaming on Twitch to the platform if a more sound advertising model could be found.

    Where this becomes really interesting is in being able to answer the question: Does my TV advertising work?  Recently announced was the Google brand lift measurement for TV screens.  YouTube has had this data since around 2014 but now can be segmented just for TV screens. 

    With this you can link this data to changes in organic searches, so you can see how your TV ads have affected people searching on your ads and products, as well as the demographics of the people engaging with you content.