YouTube has launched new features to improve their ‘premiere’ experience. These features include trailers, themes and live stream ‘pre-shows’.

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    The YouTube premiere feature allows creators to promote a scheduled video and it also includes a live chat sidebar for them to engage when the video goes live. This allows creators to take advantage of money making features such as superchat, stickers, ads and channel memberships. 

    Creators will now be able to include a pre-recorded video on the premiere landing page to act as a trailer. This can be 15 seconds to 3 minutes long and it’s intended to build anticipation around the release. Creators will also be able to customise the countdown feature to more accurately fit their brand. The biggest feature is the new live redirect ‘pre show’. Here creators can engage with their audience before the video goes live to build up the audience. Viewers are then redirected to the video just before it goes live.