10 Great Image Optimization Tips

Image optimization is another big attraction for successful SEO.

We’ve put together some “must know” tips which could help you a lot!

1. Image filenames close to the keywords being searched.

It is very easy to upload a default file name, but it is key to escape that habit.
When it comes to SEO, It is important to use acceptable keywords to help your webpage rank on search engines.
An example would be if we take a look at this image
The keywords for this would be “White” “VW” or “Volkswagen” “Beetle” “2012”
So your image filenames could be one of the following:
– White-2012-VW-Beetle.jpg
– 2012-Volkswagen-Beetle-White.jpg
– VW-Beetle-White-2012.jpg

A good habit to get into is to look at your website analytics and see what phrasing patterns your customers use to perform searches.
If you are not going to dive into a lot of detail then just be sure to use good keywords when creating a name for your images.

2. Keep image paths short as possible.
When applying a path to your code for an image you don’t want it to be overly technical and long and flooded by keywords, keep it short and sweet.

3. Create an image sitemap and submit to Google

“To increase the likely hood that your images can be found in image search results”

4. Image file Size
It is advised to create your image to a file size of 70KB.
The top tanking images search in 2014 was “World Cup” the third (non fifa) ranking image was http://sevenpillarsinstitute.org – their image was 104KB so there is a little flex. Much larger and you are into page load time issues.

5. Add social media shares functionality to the image

adding the sharing function on your site will engage with users on these platforms and drive them to your site!

6. Ensure alt text is correct.
Alt tags are a text alternative to images when a browser can’t properly render them.
Even is the image is rendered, you hover over it with your mouse and you can see the alt tag text created for that image.

7. Serve images without cookies

8. Use only .JPG or .PNG formats

9. Context – Ideally the image should have supporting content around it about the term to be ranked.

10. Ensure the image folder is accessible.

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