14th April – This Weeks Digital News

Have a look at the new and exciting articles that have been released this week.

Google Analytics – Improving Your Data Quality: Google Analytics Diagnostics

Google analyticsGoogle Analytics are starting a beta test and working with users on Analytics Diagnostics. Their aim is to find data-quality issues, make you aware of them and teach you how to fix them. Analytics Diagnostics scans frequently for any problems that may appear on your account. It inspects site tagging, account configuration and reporting data for potential data-quality issues.

Full Article Here



Google Adwords – Step Inside Adwords

Google AdWords
Google Adwords has invited users to join a livestream, and hear about their next generation of advertising innovations. Featuring announcements on many new Adwords products, features and research studies that has been developed over this past year. If you have an account with Google Adwords, register for the livestream; which will take place next Tuesday 22nd April 9am PT and 12pm ET.

Register for the livestream here


Facebook – Q1 Performance of Search vs Facebook Ads

FacebookFacebook has asked one of the biggest questions in online advertising; whether search or social advertising is the best route to go in. A Facebook strategic Marketing Developer recently compared how search advertising is performing in Q1, compared to Facebook ads. Some of the Key findings include:

  • Search ad spend increased 10% and Facebook spend increased 37%
  • Search advertiser revenue increased 12% and Facebook revenue increased 191%

The results of this suggest both search and social deliver positive ROI, with revenue growing faster than spend across each channel.

Full Article Here

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