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Google Video Quality Report


For those of you who don’t know, Google’s video quality report reveals to users the kind of performance their internet service provider (ISP) typically delivers. How the various providers stack up in an individual users’ area, and how analysing the other factors that play a role in video performance.

Google would start by picking the shortest and most direct route to your internet service provider. The next important step would be for a user’s ISP to receive and affectively carry it across the network to the users’ home.


There must be enough capacity on your ISP, otherwise this will affect the video streaming quality. In addition the performance of a video can also be affected by the size of the user’s ISP connection into their home. However many connected devices there are in one household may impact the speed and quality.

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Google Glass App

MindRDR claims to be the world's first telekinetic app for Google Glass (pictured along with a sensor) and uses brainwaves to take photos of what a wearer sees, as well as sharing their snaps on Twitter and FacebookIt has been recently reported that a British company has developed an app that lets Google Glass wearers control the device using only their mind. This new feature is a free app which measures brainwaves to translate brain activity into actions.

It connects the NeuroSky EEG biosensor, which is a single chip that is able to sense signals from the human brain, filter out any unrelated electrical interference and convert those signals to digital power.


This Place is the company behind this product, who have been in conversations with Professor Stephen Hawking, among others, to discuss the future of the product.

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UK Government to pass laws giving police access to internet records

In a recent article it has been reported that the UK government is in a rush to pass laws, ensuring police and security services continue to have access to phone and internet records. This follows a court decision made recently by the European Court of Justice, who have removed the act of British data companies to retain records. David Cameron (British Prime Minister) has called for urgent action, in order to protect the public from criminals.

In a statement from David Cameron

“Sometimes, in the dangerous world that we live, we need our security services to listen to someone’s phone, or read their emails to identify and disrupt a terrorist plot.”

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Google World Cup Trends

Google’s latest experiment: World Cup Trends Newsroom. Google unveiled this at the beginning of the 2014 World Cup, to turn search data surrounding football games into infographics. A team of scientists, designers, editors and translators have published shareable content over the duration of the World Cup. This project was an attempt to turn Google’s search results into shareable material, and to insert Google-branded content into Facebook and Twitter ecosystems.


Prior to each World Cup match, the team of approximately 20 employees from Google and their partner R/GA London (advertising firm) look at searches for players, and searches in general in each country. During the match they use real-time tools, to record things like referees making a controversial call. Once the match ends they pull in the summaries of the most interesting and shocking statistics.

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