19th May – This weeks digital news

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google-adwordsGoogle Adwords – Analytics & Adwords bulk account linking

Google Adwords have released a new update making the account linking process even more streamlined. This new linking process allow users to link multiple Adwords accounts all at the same time. Enabling more tightly controlled linking access for each Google Analytics Property. The new feature allows users to select any Adwords accounts, as long as you have administrative access. Also if you work with teams of people, you no longer need to give them access to the full Analytics account in order to link to Adwords. Full Article

AnalyticsGoogle Analytics – The future of digital advertising live stream

Analytics have announced a new live stream which takes place Wednesday 4th June. Everyone is invited to tune in and listen live to industry leaders tackle questions at DoubleClick’s annual event on digital trends. Digital is constantly changing and reinventing itself, and altering the way companies interact with consumers; so register now and get ready to hear about the future of digital advertising. Register now for Live Stream

facebookFacebook – Testing ads shortcuts on News Feed

It has been recently announced that Facebook may be making changes to the news feed to benefit advertisers. Enabling them to monitor their ads by putting ad shortcut links in the News Feed. These shortcut links are reportedly under a new link titled ‘Ads Shortcuts’. This new and expanded data menu would allow advertisers to quickly create ads, create posts, manage ads and access billing information. Full Article

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