21st April – This Weeks Digital News

Check out the latest news that has been released over the Easter Holidays

Google Adwords – +Post Ads Now Available To All Advertisers


Just last December, Adwords tested +Post ads by introducing it to a limited number of advertisers. This was a new way to amplify content and create conversations across the web. This new feature enable you to use pieces of your Google+ content, e.g. photo or video; and turn it into what is called an engagement ad. This would then run across the Google Display Network. So starting today, +Post ads are available to all advertisers who meet a minimum threshold of Google+ followers.

Full Article Here


Google Analytics – Understanding Multi-device User Behaviour In A Single View

An exciting new update from Analytics, giving users the ability to see web and app data in the same reporting view. Analytics has also added new app-specific fields to the JavaScript web collection library; you are able to measure web apps using features like screen name, app name, app version and exception tracking. Enabling you to take advantage of the app tracking framework, using the JavaScript tracking code. You will be able to collect data on your web apps more accurately.

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Facebook – Announcing Mobile Ad Network F8

There has been a report that Facebook may be announcing a mobile ad network; that would allow advertisers to utilize Facebook data for targeting outside of the social media site. This rumoured new feature is said to still make Facebook lots of money from their billions of users, even when they’re not on any of Facebook’s properties.

Full Article Here

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