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Google Analytics – New Guide to Shopping Campaigns


When Google Analytics introduced ‘shopping campaigns’ in February, it was to make it easier for users to manage their ‘Product Listing Ads’ (PLAs). Another announcement has been made and will start in late August, where shopping campaigns will be the default campaign type for PLA advertisers.


To help advertisers and retailers further, Adwords have introduced a new guide called ‘Shape Up Your Shopping Campaigns’. The guide covers a number of tips and information from how you should structure your campaign and which feed attributes have the best chance of improving CTR, etc. To ensure that you’re making the most of your PLAs and data feeds, download the guide below.

Download Guide Here


Google Analytics – New Analytics Academy Course

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the new Analytics Academy Course ‘From Data to Decisions’. This course covers how to select and customise meaningful reports, how to use segmentation and you’ll learn how to conduct actionable in-depth analyses in Google Analytics.

This course is specifically designed to help marketers and analysts understand how Analytics data can be used to make decisions and take actions; which will improve their E-commerce performance. The Course opens on 8th July 2014, so sign up now!

Sign up Here


Facebook – Paid Reach on Facebook Getting More Expensive

A study has shown that the paid reach of Facebook ads is getting increasingly expensive, this was discovered by digital marketing agency Flightpath. Flightpath tracked the CPM of three of its major clients, and they found that paid reach has roughly grown from $3 in February to a much larger sum of $10.

Flightpath’s Senior Director of Digital Marketing John Lee spoke further on this issue in a recent blog post. John Lee said this when asked about what this would mean for companies:

It’s hard to say for certain but it could force companies to dish out even more money to reach the same number of fans. In other words, expect the cost of effective promoted posts to rise

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