26th May – This weeks digital news

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Google Adwords – Improving Call-to-Action Overlays & Video Reporting


Google Adwords have updated and improved Call-to-Action overlays on videos promoted on YouTube, across both desktop and mobile devices. The previous feature of two lines of text accompanying the video will be replaced with a single line ‘call-to-action’. The new CTA feature will appear as soon as the videos starts to play, and it can be closed by the user. You can also use the overlay to share more information about the content of your video, or raise interest in your channel, other videos, websites. Although, Call-to-Action overlays will not work if you have a CMS account and enable monetisation for a video.

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Google Analytics – Conference Nordic in Stockholm, Sweden

Google Analytics have announced a conference which takes place in Stockholm, Sweden between 28th-29th August 2014. This event is being visited by top speakers from Google and other organisations including, Daniel Waisberg Analytics Advocate and Kerri Jacobs head of platform sales. You can expect to hear expert tips on how to get maximum value out of your Google Analytics, and learn from other organisations on using the tool. The conference includes case studies from businesses and organisations, clinics which are led by Google Analytics Certified Partners and so much more.

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Facebook – A Peek at Facebook’s Audience Insights

It has been nearly over a month ago when Facebook announced their Audience Insights; which gives marketers a deep statistical view of their audience. Now that it’s becoming quite popular among marketers, it has been rolled out to more users. Click the link below to view a slideshow of the product in action, shared by Fialkov Digital.

Click for slideshow

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