3rd June – This weeks digital news

It’s the beginning of a new month, so to start you off check out what’s been trending this week.


Google Adwords -The Profit-Driven Marketer: Setting a new standard for performance

A growing number of performance marketers are all rethinking the digital advertising basics (KPIs, budgets, customer journeys), as well as driving maximum business value. This new trend is called ‘profit-driven marketing’. One of the reasons for this is because marketers sometime need to bid higher and spend more to make a profit. The whole point of this new trend is to stay completely focused on profit, and when spending more means making more.

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Google Analytics – What’s on the horizon for Analytics

With Google Analytics hosting their annual summit this year, they will have plenty to talk about as they have new features and tools to expose to their community. For those who aren’t attending the event, you can still hear about the new features; a few of them being Enhanced E-commerce, Flexible and Scalable Reporting and Enterprise-Class Features. For more of an insight into these features, follow the link below.

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Facebook – How can referral marketing counter Facebook’s organic reach problem

Recently InsideFacebook have been looking into referral marketing and how it can give advertisers that important share. There are two main options, advertising and getting a friend to share a message. As an advertiser, how would you get a user to willingly share your content with their friends? Offering them a reward or incentive would help increase the amount of share on your ads. There has been a lot of success with referral marketing, as it encourages customers to share content which enables the message to spread across Facebook.

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