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Google Adwords – New and improved content API for Shopping

Google Adwords have released a new updated version of API for shopping. This new version enables you to do much more, giving you more insight into your data quality. Many of the features include item-level data quality information, able to update price and availability on products much quicker; and you are able to integrate with Google Shopping much easier.

The current API will continue to be available until the end of February 2015, so take advantage of the latest version as early as possible.

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Google Analytics – DoubleClick digital marketing

The announcement of Google Analytics Premium now being integrated with both DoubleClick campaign manager and DoubleClick bid manager is now available to Premium customers. This integration provides a whole new level of visibility for display advertising, giving you a much clearer view of the customer journey.

You also can make better investment decisions with the complete view of the customer journey, and decide how to allocate your marketing spend. There are many more features that will help you run your campaigns more efficiently.

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Facebook – 5 reasons why small businesses should master Power Editor

In order to master Power Editor it is important to become aware of the recent changes. There have been many changes from ad creation flow and interface polishing, ad preview, the page post link format; and the process of switching between Power Editor and Ads Manager (which has become much easier).

Small businesses that are starting to think about advertising on Facebook usually go to one of two routes:  they use the simpler Facebook Ads Manager tool or use a PMD tool through an agency. Ads Manager is focused on simplicity and mass market usability, whereas the cost for PMD custom-made ads are often best suited to big brand ad spends. For more information on mastering and learning about the effectiveness of Facebook’s Power Editor, follow the link below for the 5 primary factors.

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