AdWords Editor Update: 11.3


Version 11.3 of AdWords Editor is now available and has added several new features:

Video Campaigns

You can now create and edit standard TrueView video campaigns in Editor. You can do things such as add content exclusions, change your targeting methods to help control who sees your ads and change your maximum cost-per-view.

Callout Extensions

Now you can create and edit callout extensions for your campaigns and ad groups in AdWords Editor, as you can with sitelinks.


AdWords Editor now supports HTML5 ads.

Recent Changes Selection

This version has added an option to have newly created items selected when “Make changes in duplicate items” is switched on.

Meta-words in Append Test Tool

11.3 allows you to use meta-words, such as “[campaign]” when using the Append Text tool.

New User List Types

There are two new user list types: “Customer List” and “Similar”.


If you’ve already got AdWords Installed on your computer, you should get a prompt to update it. If you don’t have it downloaded, you can get it here.

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