Auto-tagging comes to Bing Shopping Campaigns!

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Bing has rolled out auto-tagging support for Bing Shopping Campaigns and Image Extensions, so you no longer need to manually tag landing page URLs.

Auto-tagging makes it that much easier for you to track your PPC campaigns because it tells Bing to automatically append special UTM tags to your landing page URLs. You’re then able to build reports on those URLs using Google Analytics to track how people are getting to your site. Bing will now automatically append landing page URLs with UTM tags for Shopping Campaigns and Image Extensions!

When auto-tagging is enabled on your account, Bing will append these tags to your URLs and the UTM tags will tell you:

  • Source – where the person came from (utm_source=___)
  • Medium – the channel or type of ad (utm_medium=___)
  • Campaign – which campaign the keyword came from (utm_campaign=___)
  • Content/Ad Group – which ad group the keyword came from (utm_content=___)
  • Term – the keyword triggered (utm_term=___)

If you already have auto-tagging enabled on your account, you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t, you just need to go into your account settings.

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