Big Improvements in Accounts & Billing on Bing Ads

Big Improvements in Account & Billing on Bing Ads

Bing Ads have made managing your accounts and billing much easier, simple and fast. So what’s new? Here are some of the new features:

Consistent Account Navigation – get a view across all of your accounts or just specific ones as you’re now control.

bing ads accounts billingbing ads accounts billing

Flexible Payments – agencies will soon be able to switch their billing format to prepay or postpay; whatever suits them.


Consolidated Billing – if you opt in for this you can get one, single bill for all your accounts rather than juggling multiple invoices. They’ve also made invoices much easier to read and the option to include campaign level charges. As well as this, you can sign up to get them via email as soon as they are produced!

bing ads accounts billing

There’s more information about all of this on the Bing Ads blog.

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