BIMA Digital Day – 13-17 Year Olds Discovering Digital Careers

BIMAs Digital Day with King Edward School Southampton

BIMA Digital Day or D-Day for short is a nationwide event that is happening on 08/10/2014 linking digital professionals from across the UK’s creative & professional sectors with young people in our schools and colleges.

The 2013 event had over 4,000 pupils aged between 13-17 discovering digital careers, meeting the industry professionals and hearing all about agency life. We provided free of charge, videos and assets to all the students who participated in a BIMA Challenge. These challenges spanned across digital design, mobile, social media and coding.

One of the top pitches

iCook if  a fridge based app that scans your supermarket club card to know stock levels and makes recipe choices based on the ingredients you have.


 Photos of the day

Assessment by Rachel Jones – eLearning Coordinator at King Edward School Southampton

One of the first things that I did in my new role as e-Learning coordinator at King Edward VI School was to sign up for the BIMA Digital Day.

BIMA connect schools and those that work in the Digital Industries, to give students a real flavour of what working in this area of expertise might be. We were extremely lucky to be partnered with Blue Thirst who are a Digital Strategy Agency. The time investment for the industry professionals involved is certainly more heavy on the day, but for teaching staff involved the resources to use in the are all pre-pre prepared by BIMA and are of a very high quality. The sessions as conceived by BIMA are meant to run for a whole day, but as we were unable to take a whole class off-timetable, we were lucky that our industry professionals were able to be flexible so that they ran lots of small sessions where the activity was completed in an hour.

The Team from Blue Thirst taught every session (and were still smiling by the end of the day!) which was a massive ask. I was particularly impressed by the way they dealt with students from Year 7 to sixth form. They quickly created a positive working relationship, and were consistent in checking the progress of students and encouraging them to think creatively and complete the task to the best of their abilities. Being thrown into a classroom is not everyone’s idea of a nice break from the office, but as a teacher I am certainly glad that they took the time out from their busy schedules. In particular the Digital Leaders thrived undertaking a task, and I was very proud of how they rose to the challenging of applying their technical knowledge.

I think that these were the top five benefits of participating in the BIMA DIgital Day:

1 – It helped raise students awareness of careers in ICT. For many students studying ICT and computing is not a priority, but for many careers it would certainly give them an edge in job applications.

2 – The students really enjoyed the tasks. They found the brief format compelling and were engaged in what they were asked to do.

3 – The learning was contextual and project based so it allowed students to work on their team skills under time constraints, which promoted question and debate skills.

4 – The students had to present their ideas. This helped to build their confidence doing this, and gives them practice at something they will certainly have to do in the future.

5 – We have certainly made a link with industry with otherwise would not have happened. This is valuable for us as teachers as well as the students.

BIMA Digital Day has been a very positive experience for us. I was really pleased at how smoothly the day ran, which is partly due to the professionalism of the Blue Thirst team, and partly due to the excellent planning of BIMA. We will certainly be signing up again next year and I would encourage other schools to do the same.

Assessment by Martin McAndrew of Blue Thirst

This is the first time Blue Thirst has been involved in a BIMA Digital day.  We were lucky enough to be paired with King Edward VI School in Southampton.  It is amazing the difference in schools today.  King Edward students & staff are amazingly passionate about giving students skills that will help them in the modern employment market,.  The BIMADay is a great example of exposing the students to the digital careers.

Each of the groups were exposed to a real life scenario where they were transformed from being students to being employees of Blue Thirst working on a last minute pitch.

The brief was to create a pitch for an idea for a connected device which is controlled by an ipad.  Each of the groups had 25 minutes to prepare a 3 minute pitch for their idea to the “Executives”.  Tension was added to the session as a countdown to the arrival as the “executives” left London, passed through Winchester Station, Arrived at Southampton station and arrived at the School.    To add some competition the winning idea won a chocolate selection.

We worked with many different groups and age ranges of students within the school and we have been amazed by the confidence, technical knowledge and general enthusiasm to get involved.  Each of the ideas were very clever the highlights were:

iStyle – A mobile app that controls micro bots call beauty spots that generate and manage hair styles

Ruff Shoe  – A modern trainer that modifies the shoe for different conditions, running style and training schedules

Three members of the Blue Thirst team helped coach the teams to develop their ideas and create their pitches.

The BIMADay has been a really good event for the Partners, Schools, staff and students.  Each group has benefited, but most of all  hopefully the students have an understanding of what it is like to work in digital and understand that this growth industry has a lot of offer in terms of careers and future employment.

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